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Worksome Launches to Tackle Recruitment Challenges


Worksome, the OS for the flexible future of work and all-in-one business-to-consultant matchmaking platform, is making a strategic foray onto London’s growing IT and digital consultancy marketplace, having already demonstrated its success in Denmark.

The traditional methods for finding temporary or project consultants are failing businesses, with time-consuming, inefficient and costly processes that are stalling digital innovation programmes. With the search for talent becoming ever more challenging in mind, Worksome was established to cut candidate search from a 6-week average down to 24 hours, and offers a 4 per cent flat commission fee versus the industry standard of 15-30 per cent.

In addition to fast access to relevant highly skilled candidates, companies and teams that are increasingly finding a need to bring niche skills in-house to work collaboratively on longer-term and more complex projects will especially benefit from Worksome’s USP – localised search parameters.  The platform’s unique profile search function helps businesses to find available candidates, with exactly the right skillset and in a convenient location, opening up possibilities outside of being constrained to remote workers.

The pain of recruiting for transformation

Globally, the transformation consulting industry is worth £23 billion, with tech and digital consultants accounting for 8 per cent of the total, which translates into £720 million* in the UK alone – making this a significant sized market that is ripe for disruption.

With digital innovation across sectors on a sharp trajectory, the search for talent has already intensified. According to the CTA’s second annual Future of Work survey, 92 per cent of respondents said they will need more employees with technical skills, and 74 per cent said that finding people with the right skills will be harder.

Worksome’s matchmaking platform is designed to alleviate the pain points associated with the traditional recruitment process for both companies and the freelance community alike.  Worksome is an agile solution that connects these organisations with the most relevant and highly skilled consultants in the local marketplace, and at pace too.

The end-to-end recruitment process, averages at 42 days, with some cases taking up to 6 months. Addressing this inefficiency, the matchmaking algorithms within the Worksome platform engender a more proficient experience for the users, slicing weeks off the process, meaning best candidate matches can become available within 24 hours.

CEO and co-founder, Worksome, Morten Petersen said:

“In Denmark we have already seen businesses reaping the benefits from the platform but with the UK being a much bigger player in the flexible worker market, it has massive potential to really assist with the digital skills gap that is cited as being a big issue. Current talent finding solutions, from our perspective, are broken. Recruitment is just a matter of matching supply and demand.  Essentially it is an information problem and humans are inherently not effective at handling a large volume of information. Yet most recruitment is still done by humans. Whether you’re a recruiter, hiring manager or candidate, you inevitably have to crunch your way through job boards and large databases. It’s inefficient, largely based on luck, and not a viable solution for a future, where we forecast a shift towards a more flexible world of work, meaning that supply and demand will have to meet much more frequently.”

With the impending digital skills drought and competition in the transformation arena intensifying, combing through a 2 million-plus freelance workforce in the UK via traditional methods is labour intensive.  Petersen continues,

“Companies are suffering from a talent scarcity problem and freelancers make it possible for businesses to hire the most skilled and suitable talent, with far less financial risk attached.  Sadly thought, their attempts to fix the issue with highly skilled contractors have historically been met with an unsatisfactory experience from fishing in the flexible talent pool. The problem is that the search process is a headache.”

With more than 6,000 users and hiring companies on-board the Worksome platform in Denmark, early signs of growth in the UK point towards an equally strong pick-up.

“It is encouraging that even in our early days here, we have already seen a quick uptick in both user and hiring company numbers. We are excited about growing Worksome’s UK position and delivering an important solution to the digital recruitment and skills-gap problem,” concluded Petersen.


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