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Would You Be Willing to Pay to Interview a Candidate?


Last month I got my ass handed to me for daring to consider that those who interview with a company, should pay for interview feedback. Not just normal interview feedback —  like thanks, but no thanks — but something really good and developmental.

Most people think that idea is bad. They feel interview feedback should be free.

It’s not that I really want to charge people who interview a fee to get feedback, it’s just I think we could do so much better in terms of candidate experience, but we have to get out of our current mindset to shake things up a bit.

Could you get more interviews if you paid?

This all leads me to the next idea (hat tip to Orrin Konheim @okonhOwp) what if companies paid interviewees for their time?

Cool, right?

We’ve built this entire industry on shared value. Organizations have jobs, candidates want jobs, so let’s all do this for free.