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Write a Winning Job Description


We all know that resume mistakes can make or break a job seeker’s chances. A clean, easy-to-read format with clearly stated objectives and a touch of personality are key elements. But how often do you apply these standards to your organization’s job listings? Have you found all too often that your job descriptions attract the wrong candidates? With the help of Karissa Vivatson, account manager at Monster Worldwide, we explore the job description elements that hit the mark with the right talent.

Remember: This is Marketing!

First, Vivatson says job listings often fail when hiring managers and recruiters forget the listings are branding tools. The format, content and tone can make all the difference.

“Not taking the time to write an effective job description not only hurts your ability to get the right candidates to apply, but it fosters bad brand recognition as well. If job seekers associate your logo with bad job postings, they will most likely not apply to your jobs.”