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You Don’t Need to be Elon Musk to Make it in Business


If you want start a successful business, do you need to the personality of a Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson or Elon Musk? To be a risk taker, someone who is prepared to sacrifice everything to launch the ultimate global corporate empire? To talk and act with the bravado of a contestant trying to win favour with Lord Sugar on The Apprentice?

The fact is, there is no ‘type’ that makes an entrepreneur, and for every high profile Musk or Bezos, there are thousands upon thousands of business leaders who contribute hugely to our economy and have built phenomenal personal wealth with no media attention at all.

The Recruit Venture Group has already helped 55 recruiters move from employee to entrepreneur. These are men and women, aged as young as their early 20s through to people in the latter stages of their career, from a range of backgrounds, experiences and  personality types.

Academic studies have found time and again that trying to pin down exactly what makes an entrepreneur is very difficult. So for those looking to start a new business, the question should not be about who you are, but more about what you want to achieve, and the commitment you have to making it happen.

One thing The Recruit Venture Group looks for when investing in new recruitment start-ups is that desire to want to build a business, a clear vision for its future, and a preparedness to walk the hard yards to get there.

Demonstrate this, and The Recruit Venture Group, through its unique joint venture model, offers 100% of the finance needed to launch the enterprise, risk free. That includes a salary for the new entrepreneur to get them started, and avoid worries about paying the bills in the early phases.

Studies have shown that the success of an entrepreneur is also not just down to their personal qualities, but also the structure and organisation of the business they are leading. The Recruit Venture Group’s investment package also includes a full back office support function, tailored to the needs of the recruitment sector. That includes accounts, payroll, HR, legal and compliance, IT, and marketing and an efficient, cost-effective package that gives a huge advantage over starting a business solo and having to contract in the services individually.

It also means the new business leadership can focus solely on generating cash from day one, without getting bogged down.

And The Recruit Venture Group understands that all new business leaders need advice and support along the way. Mentoring support, so vital to any new business, is offered from the beginning from The Recruit Venture Group’s senior team who draw from decades of experience in recruitment and leadership.

Paul Mizen, Managing Director of The Recruit Venture Group said:

“The 55 people we have helped into entrepreneurship are all very different but are united by the same determination to make their business grow. We don’t expect everyone we invest in to be the finished article when it comes to business leadership and that’s why our joint venture model is set up to support and grow the new venture.

“That model has proven extremely successful. We have not only helped people fulfill their ambitions of running their own business but also helped support their growth as leaders and entrepreneurs.

“We can’t wait to support more recruiters to do the same in 2019.”

No matter who you are or what your background, if you have a track record of success as a recruiter and want to start your business journey with The Recruit Venture Group, visit today for more information.


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The Recruit Venture Group offers entrepreneurial recruiters a truly risk-free, fully funded way to help them launch their own recruitment business.

The Recruit Venture Group has over 40 Joint Venture Partner businesses and a combined joint venture turnover of £131million.

The Recruit Venture Group enables successful recruiters become business owners, focus all their time and resources on recruitment and grow their business fast. The group invests heavily in back office infrastructure to support their Joint Venture Partners allowing owners to expand without any restrictions which may prevent them reaching their full potential.

Their unique recruitment business model is simple and risk-free. There is no personal outlay, and it gives financial security from the outset to allow recruiters to retain their current lifestyle. It provides 100% funding, no limitations on location or number of branches, full back office support services including HR, IT, Accounts, Payroll, Credit Control and Marketing.

Established in 2017, following the acquisition of Recruit Ventures Ltd by Jark Holdings Ltd, the parent company of Jark Ventures PLC.

With a ten-year business plan in place to grow the largest joint venture recruitment operation in the UK, the group aims to help launch a further 56 NEW joint venture recruitment business and a generate a combined turnover of £250m by 2027.

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